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OK… If love somebody u should be with that person and not just stand there and look around while he goes out with other girls….like come on people pick your game up like if love a boy go and express Ur love to somebody u know Ur heart wants and not some low life boy. OK take some advice and express Ur love to someone u like and love For realz……. because I’m that person who love and like a boy and my brother is to much protective like OMG he won’t even let me have a boy for a friend :)

{the valentine pic is for people who celebrate it and HAPPY VALENTINE TO THE COUPLES WHO LOVE EACH OTHER }…….the other pic is me and my first best friend that i ever had and i miss her like crazy and i haven’t seen her in a year cause we moved from our old house because stuff use to happen,but all im saying is if i could see her right now i will be so happy right now and i love her like a sister… :)

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